Cloudy, with a chance of Testosterone

I was ready for that April snowstorm. It had been a pretty boring winter. Then in a wonderful New England April Fools day prank, we had another whole winter in two days. All those folks who hadn’t had the chance to complain about the weather were happy. And the rest of us got a chance …continue reading


Kidney Stone

Do you ever wish you could figure out just what your spouse is doing all day long at home? You think to yourself, if only I was at home ….there would always be milk in the refrigerator. I would have the toilet bowl tidied. I would have cleaned up the back porch by now. …continue reading


Out Witted

When I married a man smarter than myself, I felt really proud. I had scored a coup. I had married “up”. Ever since then, I have been out-witted, out-argued, …and then charmed into compliance. But I never realized the true extent of my problems until I had children.

I first realized I was in trouble …continue reading