Flu Shots and Total Wimps

Other people bear up stoically under all kinds of pain and misfortune. They undergo complicated and unpleasant operations without flinching, and joke about it afterward. Soldiers step forward into battle despite the likelihood of pain and death. Fire fighters rush into burning buildings. People jump out of airplanes for fun. Why, I wonder, do I spend weeks dreading a Flu shot? …continue reading


What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

“Carol Ane, what’s the worst that can happen? The meal will be overcooked? Undercooked? Someone will notice that our house isn’t clean and be horribly shocked? We won’t manage to hide the clothes under the bed before the guests arrive? We’ll forget to brush down the cobwebs in the living room? Someone will take a good look inside our refrigerator? C’mon Carol-Ane, they’re our relatives! They’ve been here before! …continue reading


Selective amnesia and men who hate to shop

Do you suffer from selective amnesia? Do you ever wonder why you can’t learn from experience?

A couple of years after I was married, I needed to buy a dress. I can’t remember why, but I clearly recall my mother suggesting that she go shopping with me to “help” me pick something out. Now, I …continue reading