Cloudy, with a chance of Testosterone

I was ready for that April snowstorm. It had been a pretty boring winter. Then in a wonderful New England April Fools day prank, we had another whole winter in two days. All those folks who hadn’t had the chance to complain about the weather were happy. And the rest of us got a chance …continue reading


Snow Days

…The weather is bad, too bad to venture out. All my errands got cancelled. Poor me. I had to spend the day in front of a fire, reading, knitting, cooking and wrapping Christmas presents… …continue reading


A Better Life through Guys in the Kitchen

My 'guy' in the kitchenA guy in the kitchen always has to have All the ingredients. If a recipe calls for lemon-grass, they won’t just say, “Hey, lets add extra salt”. They will find the lemon-grass. They’ll harness the power of the Internet, look through the yellow pages, and as a last resort ASK FRIENDS FOR DIRECTION. Second, they need machinery. Big complex machinery, with sharp moving parts, interesting noises, and complex control panels… …continue reading