A heartfelt resolution

Resolutions shouldn’t have been problem. After all, I hadn’t stepped on a scale in 6 months; not because I don’t need to. And, looming balefully above me, as I write, is a strange machine. We use it to hang blankets on, but its’ formal name is ‘Treadmill’. It needs to be dusted… …continue reading


Conscience of a Delinquent

overdue_bookThe town I grew up in did have a library. And it was quite satisfactory in its own way. It was a single room that was open on Saturday afternoons, and Tuesday evenings. I and my mother or aunt would walk up, and the librarian would be waiting for us. “Here, these just came in from the bookmobile! You’ll like these. Carol-Ane, try this book.” We were never expected to bring our books back within two weeks. Obviously, once my mother had read the book, she would pass it on to my aunt, who would give the book to my grandmother, who in turn would hand it to my other aunt… …continue reading