How I Won the War on Christmas

“Does this mean that you’ll stop writing those stupid “I Hate Christmas’ articles every year?” my husband breathed, quickly making the sign of the cross. I looked at him. “But,” I protested “That’s the only Christmas Tradition that I really like…” …continue reading


Greg to the Rescue

The woods used to be safe. Now they are full of ticks, hidden roots and slippery leaves. And, while I was thinking on the advisability of a long walk through the middle of nowhere with my grandson on my daughter’s back, I remembered something else. I had taken a long walk just the day before, and half way through, my ankles had started to really hurt. The responsible thing to do, I thought, was call her back, and beg off. So I got in the car and headed to her house. …continue reading


Gramma vs. grandchildren

There is a game being played out in the Woodard household. It’s not between Grampa and Gramma. No, it’s much more insidious…it’s between me and the grandchildren… …continue reading