Then and Now: Free Range? Or Zoo?

But the thing is, I don’t think I reared my children much differently. I mean, there were superficial differences. I didn’t ignore my kids using an iPhone, I used a real book. My kids got most of their screen time on an Apple II computer, and a real TV. Car-seats were easier to use. But, the similarities are greater. I worked part-time. I wore my babies. I didn’t plan to co-sleep, but my babies insisted on it. And, of course, the only thing that kept me sane was the occasionally wine afternoon with fellow overwhelmed and incompetent Moms. No, I think the real ’Then and Now’ divide came a generation earlier. Because, my kids, like me, do not have free-range children. They have zoo children. …continue reading


What Would Auggie Do?

There’s a parlor game played by everyone in our extended family. It’s called “What would Auggie do?” …continue reading


Dear Santa

Dear Santa. The world has gone astray. Mother’s were not meant to be alone with children, in big houses. Retired folks were not meant to be alone with only Facebook and Free-cell to console them. I’m bored. My daughter is stressed. My son and daughter-in-law have to work 60 hours each week. My grandchildren only want family. …continue reading