Squirt Gun Season

Don’t you just hate supersoaker season? I am married to a man who measures his wealth in squirt guns.

When I said “Yes”, I was unaware of his clan’s proclivity for water fights. But that impression was quickly corrected after a season at his families cottage at the Cape. I have a vivid memory of …continue reading


Dance Recital

Dance recital is a ritual that every year I dread and then find myself enjoying after all. My daughter has taken dance for nine years now, and the recital comes at the same time that everything else does. The D.A.R.E. graduation, the end of school concert, the last basketball games, the school plays, the church picnic. It’s the last event before the comparative freedom of the summer. …continue reading


Caution and the Bible

On this evening, I did the Kerygma homework first, and stormed out to the kitchen to complain to him. “You know,” I said. “I’ve always really resented this rib business. YOU’RE created in God’s image, and WE were just placed here to keep you company?” …continue reading