Greg to the Rescue

The woods used to be safe. Now they are full of ticks, hidden roots and slippery leaves. And, while I was thinking on the advisability of a long walk through the middle of nowhere with my grandson on my daughter’s back, I remembered something else. I had taken a long walk just the day before, and half way through, my ankles had started to really hurt. The responsible thing to do, I thought, was call her back, and beg off. So I got in the car and headed to her house. …continue reading


Credit for a Child’s Accomplishments

When he applied to college, I said. “You’ve got to major in music. Look at Greenspan. Sure, he might have ended up as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. But that was just his fall-back. He started as a jazz musician. You can always go back and study something else…” …continue reading


The Easy Child

I am beginning to think about college applications, and trying to inspire my oldest, a junior in high school, to think about “what he wants to do in life”. He, of course, knows exactly what he wants to do…sit around and play his guitar… and can’t understand why I persist in asking silly questions.

Anyway, …continue reading