A heartfelt resolution

Resolutions shouldn’t have been problem. After all, I hadn’t stepped on a scale in 6 months; not because I don’t need to. And, looming balefully above me, as I write, is a strange machine. We use it to hang blankets on, but its’ formal name is ‘Treadmill’. It needs to be dusted… …continue reading


Out Witted

When I married a man smarter than myself, I felt really proud. I had scored a coup. I had married “up”. Ever since then, I have been out-witted, out-argued, …and then charmed into compliance. But I never realized the true extent of my problems until I had children.

I first realized I was in trouble …continue reading


A Better Life through Guys in the Kitchen

My 'guy' in the kitchenA guy in the kitchen always has to have All the ingredients. If a recipe calls for lemon-grass, they won’t just say, “Hey, lets add extra salt”. They will find the lemon-grass. They’ll harness the power of the Internet, look through the yellow pages, and as a last resort ASK FRIENDS FOR DIRECTION. Second, they need machinery. Big complex machinery, with sharp moving parts, interesting noises, and complex control panels… …continue reading