How it began

100_5039Once upon a time, I belonged to a book club…at work. Now, work had the nasty habit of getting in the way of our meetings and one day, a co-worker had to go out of town ‘for work’ (See! It always got in the way.) She asked me to take notes. “Be creative.” she added.

Well I sent those ‘notes’ to my husband and he liked them so much, he changed the ending and sent them to the local paper. (see New Years Resolution – Not) And then…they asked for more!

I’ve now been writting for the past twelve years and have had more than 100 articles published. So I thought I post the old ones (about once a week) for people to read in case they missed them, along with the ones I’m still writting.

Ummm. Oh yeah…about me.

I’m 58, happily married, and retired. I grew up in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, and have lived in Foxboro, MA with my husband (and editor…thanks luv!) for the last 31 years. I have three grown children, and I like to eat, hike, read, and knit…badly.